America’s 12 to 17 year olds have made prescription drugs the number one substance of abuse for their age group, and much of that supply is unwittingly coming from the medicine cabinets of their parents, grandparents, and friends. More and more adults recognize the need to remove these substances from the home and legally and safely turn them in for proper disposal. 
Learn how to properly dispose of unused, unwanted, and expired medications in Prescription Drug Drop Boxes.
Dispose your prescription drugs properly. Here are a few drop box locations in the south Miami-Dade area:
Royal Palm Drug - My Pharmacy - 806 N Krome Ave., Homestead, FL 33030
Care Pharmacy and Compounding - 1631 NE 8 St., Homestead, FL 33033
Naranja Discount Pharmacy - 27140 S Dixie Hwy., Naranja, FL 33032
New Life Pharmacy - 22041 S Dixie Hwy., Bay 22149, Miami, FL 33170
Advance Pharmacy Solution - 10910 SW 184 St., Miami, FL 33157
Care Pharmacy & Compounding - 1631 NE 8 St., Homestead, FL 33033
Royal Palm Drive - 806 N. Krome Ave., Homestead, FL 33030
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