The PHD (Prevention, Health and Diversion) Project was established by SDOVCC to reduce the use of opioids and/or methamphetamines and the abuse of prescription medications among youth in the south Miami-Dade community.
Our focus is on: 
     - Prescriber education and training 
     - Increasing awareness of Naloxone/Narcan
     - Educate the community on the dangers of opioids, methamphetamine and/or prescription        medication abuse

There have been about 250,000 opioid-related deaths since 1999
83% of opioid-related deaths are unintended/accidental –mostly occurring outside of a medical setting
A significant rate of mainstream America is at risk: Over 60 million Americans received at least one opioid prescription in 2016
Nearly 12 million Americans report misusing prescription opioids
80% of heroin users reported misuse of prescription opioids prior to heroin
45% of heroin users report a history of dependency with prescription opioids
As of 2016, there are 1 million Americans using heroin, which may often inconspicuously be laced with fentanyl (100 times more potent than morphine)
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